How to use

This page aims to explain features of Vigilio and how to use them.

How to add a search source

Vigilio does not come with a search source. You need to add a source to be able to search movies and download them with one click. In order to add new sources, head to
Manage -> Settings -> Search Sources

Here you can see and delete your existing search sources.

If you want to add a new source, click on Add a source button. On the page, it should show you a link to find sources for Vigilio. You can find sources here


Sources may contain non-public domain movies and it may be illegal to acquire such movies in your country. Be cautious which source to choose.

Example vigilio source page

You can test the source by clicking Test button and entering a search text such as movie title. If everything is okay, you can click Copy source button to copy the source.

Go back to vigilio add source page, paste the source to second field (*Copy the source)

Enter a name for this source and click Save

Now you should be able to search movies on
Manage -> Add Movie -> Search

Add movies

There are 3 ways to add movies to Vigilio

1. Add by searching

Manage -> Add Movie -> Search

Search a movie, click on Download&Add to add movie.

You can see the process of added movie at Manage -> Background Management

2. Add by providing torrent source and imdb id

Manage -> Add Movie -> Add Manually

Copy IMDB id or IMDB link to the first field

tt0050083 or

Copy a magnet link or .torrent file link to the second field Copy a torrent magnet or link


You can see the process of added movie at Manage -> Background Management

3. Add by manually adding existing movies

This is useful to add movies that are already on your system. You need to give the information manually. Copy the movie you want to add to data/downloads under your vigilio folder.

Head to the admin panel. It is at http://localhost:8000/admin.

Login to the page and head to Stream -> Movies and click on ADD MOVIE button.

Fill the fields with the movie information and add the plus button next to Movie content section to add the movie you have to this movie.

Upon clicking a new window should open. You can just put a random string to the Torrent source field as this is a mandatory field. In this window the two mandatory fields are:
Full path Eg: /home/users/vigilio/data/downloads/My.Movie/movie.mp4
File extension Eg: .mp4

You should consider entering resolution information too so the movie cards can show 4K, HD, HDTV badges.

Tick the Is ready field and click on SAVE

Once this window is closed, you should lastly tick the Is ready field on movie form as well and you can click SAVE button.

This should be it. Your movie should now show up on the main page and if the movie container is correct, it should play without a problem.

Deleting a movie

Head to Manage and find the movie or you can click on gear icon on movie posters. Once you are at the movie details page, under Management tools you can find the row Remove this movie and everything related to it and next to it there is a clickable text Click here to reveal the button.. Once clicked, this text should turn into Delete this movie button. You can use this button to delete this movie. This will delete the following:

  • Movie files, including different resolutions and versions.

  • Subtitles.

  • Torrent entries, if exists.

  • Background processes.

  • Database entries including user histories.

Adding, removing subtitle languages

Manage -> Settings -> Subtitle Languages

You can add languages by searching or remove languages by clicking the x button next to the selected ones. You need to press Save button to save these settings.

Download subtitles

When adding a movie, subtitles should automatically be added but you may want to repeat these when,

  • You change your language settings.

  • You add a movie by manually through admin panel.

Head to Manage -> Settings -> Redownload Subtitles

Select the movies you want subtitles to be re-downloaded and click Redownload Subtitles button.

Changing environment settings

Manage -> Settings -> Environment Settings


Changing these settings may cause the system to not work properly. Be very cautious.

Some of these settings requires the system to be restarted to take affect.

You can change ALLOWED_URLS with your domain name to increase security.